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Greetings! I’m sorry to say that it has been *years* since my last confession I’ve blogged :). As you may (or may not) know, I’ve restarted ElleCee in conjunction with my move back to Northern California. This also means I’m deep in updating the website & refreshing the look. I will eventually write about my moves, but for now, some other random thoughts…

I often reflect on what I’m asking of my clients and have come to the conclusion that it’s not really a fair trade. I’ve asked everyone to be open and candid with me, to let me into their lives so that I can photograph them as naturally and comfortable as possible. However, I’m not sure I’ve done the same to earn that mutual trust.

Aside from the occasional post here and there, I’ve kept my personal life fairly separate from my colleagues and clients. I’m not saying that one should reveal all because I definitely believe in a bit of privacy. Mainly, I was aiming for a buffer zone as some form of personal protection. In contrast, I love to connect with people and hear their stories, and *do* like to share mine as well. Somewhere in the midst of the social media explosion, I sidetracked and my buffer zone became a wall instead. I’m sure there’s a lot we can analyze about this, but a wall is the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve and it’s time to change that.

I don’t live an extraordinary life. It’s not extra dramatic or fancy. But I’d like to share more of me – my life, struggles, and successes in hopes that it reaches someone out there. I’m sure at least one person could relate. Along with the updates, I intend to get better at posting more photography. After all, that is the point of all this, yes? Thanks for sticking with me. Stay tuned!

<3, Linda

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