San Luis Obispo Engagement | Lysa + Adam

As I ramp up and find my story-telling routine, I’d like to share a semi-recent session near and dear to my heart.

Adam & Lysa…

I met Lysa for the first time when we were 10 and 7 years old and our families traveled to Vietnam together. Her family travelled from Ontario, Canada and mine from California. It sounds pretty crazy that we didn’t meet until then since Lysa is actually my *first* cousin! But it’s not so out there once you realize this was a time before email and video chats. Also, my parents were still using calling cards for long-distance calls! Lol.

Despite being in different countries on opposite coasts, we’ve managed to keep in touch through multiple family weddings and reunions as we’ve gotten older. After all, family is family :). Fast forward a couple decades and I’m seeing Lysa a little more often in this golden state. I mean, who doesn’t love our California sun? Greg & I are living in Southern California when she decides to visit with a ‘friend.’ “Friend?” – Yes, I asked out loud!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet this mysterious friend as planned. Lysa was experiencing excruciating pain that landed her in surgery and kept her in a San Luis Obispo (SLO) hospital. My family was with her through the weekend, but had to get back to Sacramento. Who to keep her company while she recovers? Why, this ‘friend,’ of course! Now enters Adam, who so valiantly offers to work a few hundred miles away from the office, next to Lysa while she mends. How sweet, right??

Adam is also a Canadian. His career path gave him the opportunity to move around and enjoy Boston, MA, after University in Canada, and now the Bay Area, California – only 12 minutes from me! When Adam asked for help in getting Lysa to dress up for his surprise proposal in SLO, where their relationship took another step, I knew a ‘photoshoot for my portfolio’ was the only way to do it. Lysa & Adam finally got their wine tasting day in SLO and the rest of us managed to keep it mum until sunset! It was wonderful to be able to photograph their proposal, but even more special to have witnessed as family. Thank you for sharing this special moment and congratulations on your engagement! Can’t wait to celebrate with you in Toronto <3.





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