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Everyone has a story to tell – in their skin, in their eyes, in their smile. Through our timeless and romantic style, we want to help capture and preserve the love and laughter of these intimate moments. Trust and feel confident that we’ll capture the kiss on your wedding day, the newest member of your family dreaming away, the rare family reunion, or just you in your element.

  • "Linda is great, look no further! [...] She captured many lovely moments and portraits of our big day. Her prints were phenomenal! We highly recommend her!"
  • "When [we] got married this last year it was a no brainer to hire [ElleCee] again! I was not disappointed, the photos are wonderful and there are so many. Linda is an excellent photographer!"
  • "The pictures are so lovely! I can't stop smiling when viewing them!"
  • "The photo's turned out amazing! She knew how to position our baby and calm her down when she started to fuss and cry. [..] I would most definitely recommend Linda and I will be using her for our next events!"

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