High School Seniors in Sacramento

Sacramento Senior Sessions | Maurin & William

“Senior” sessions, yay! Congrats to all the 2017 graduates this year! It’s not easy to survive high school while going through the changes of teenage-dom :).

Maurin & William wanted to explore Sacramento for their portraits. Since downtown & midtown are fast developing hot spots, it’s easy to see why Maurin hopes to eventually move into the area. R street, especially, has developments designed especially for artists and has a very eclectic personality – perfectly matches this beautiful girl. Why the quotations in “senior” earlier? Maurin graduated 3 years earlier and just never got around to her session! While she can get away with belated portraits, I don’t quite recommend it for everyone. With that said, if you are 10 years+ belated and asking yourself, “Why do a solo portrait session now?” I ask, why not? 🙂

Unlike Maurin, William *is* a member of the 2017 class :). For his session, we decided to incorporate one of his passions – blacksmithing. William has always enjoyed working with found objects, but a few years ago, he decided to pursue metal work a little more. Interning at a shop near his home, he started creating work not only for himself to hone his skills, but also for charity fundraising opportunities. How awesome is that!? Congrats to William again & I look forward to seeing some of the work around Sacramento :).

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